Powerful payments.


a. BaaP Premium

(*gain access to financial infrastucture)

EU PAY offers financial institutions access to the main payment schemes in the UK and Europe.

  • - Real-time access to Faster Payments and Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
  • - Simple integration with our secure and PSD2-compliant RESTful APIs
  • - Simple and transparent pricing
  • - Unique addressable IBANs that help to improve reconciliation
  • *For EEA regulated PSPs only - subject to compliance approval.

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b. BaaP Complete

(*increase your customers base and offer more value to existing customers)

We help you create added value that can improve your customers' experience. Our platform allows you to issue IBANs to your existing customers. We will take on all the regulatory aspects.

  • - A fully-operational payment account
  • - We conduct all AML/KYC checks
  • - Your customer will be opening an EU PAY account
  • * We can onboard any customer using the BaaP Lite model and transition the customer across to the BaaP Premium model later on.

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(*for partners using our EUID KYC service)

We provide an API service to help you stay up to date with your customers' KYC status. The full API documentation is available here.

For more information about EUID, our smooth and secure alternative to traditional identity and document verification, please have a look at our EUID brochure.

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